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First Time Chip
If you haven't programmed the chip, all pins are default inputs, with no pullups active. This means that the pins are disconnected ( aka floating ). Do as Kleinstein said, connect...
Friday, 14 December 2007 - 22:54
avr adc
I always perform 16 convertions. This way I can ensure that the mesaurment is "correct". Then devide the answer by 16 and you get your result. But don't use other numbers than 2,...
Friday, 14 December 2007 - 09:10
STK500 with 6V power supply?
Don't you also have a rectifier that takes away aprox 1.4volts ? ( dual bridge before regulator ) ?
Friday, 14 December 2007 - 09:05
Atmega8515 16bit Fast PWM problem
Quote:The problem now is that the AVR Studio debugger is useless, so it will be hard to find out faults in the code. The problem with the debugger in AVR studio is that you cannot...
Friday, 14 December 2007 - 09:00
First Time Chip
js is right, no point of messauring the pins thats not connected to anything. they will be floating.. There really isn't much to connecting the Vcc (avcc )and GND (agnd ). Just...
Thursday, 13 December 2007 - 07:46
Driving LED displays.......What controller?
I've used the led-drivers from allegro to drive leds, worked just find, then have sink current up to 1.5 amps I think. And simple SPi interface. Think it was A6276 or something I...
Thursday, 13 December 2007 - 07:37
AVR Programming itself
thanx, I'll give it a read
Wednesday, 2 May 2007 - 22:19
AVR programming itself
where is it "in topic" then ?
Wednesday, 2 May 2007 - 20:41