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Clear Timer on Every Other Capture and track location
Hi, Thanks for the reply. I am unfortunetly unable to have two sensors and I'm pretty sure it can be done with one sesnsor because its offset from the side and the pendulum swing...
Thursday, 26 August 2004 - 12:46
That's an uhm.... interesting ... site. I looked around and couldn't find anything specific about the control board's microprocessor other than it is an atmel brand.
Thursday, 26 August 2004 - 00:30
Is 0.10% error on Uart ok ???
I usually run 0.2% error on mine and it's just fine. I've yet to find a serial port that can not keep up. That's just my experience, your mileage may vary. Jason
Wednesday, 25 August 2004 - 16:16
Battery Status Indicator
lachlan wrote:Measure the discharge rate over a period of time and the voltage at each time period untill the voltage is around 1.35Vat whcih time the battery is dead flat. So,...
Monday, 23 August 2004 - 15:47
ASM: 232 coding techniques (input requested)
Sparo1 wrote:However any suggestions on reading and storing UART values to be accessed later. For my project I'm actually going to be doing the same thing ... so I'm curious to...
Monday, 23 August 2004 - 15:31
Books, programmers, compilers for AVRs?
zardoshti wrote:Hello refields, Thanks for reply. Let me ask you one more question. Deos the STK-500 development system work well with labtop computers? I am asking because I...
Sunday, 22 August 2004 - 21:29
Interest in AVR OBDII Scanner?
c_oflynn wrote:if you just want to buy a Scan tool, I just got the one at for someone, seems pretty good! Its got a micro in it to do the OBD-...
Sunday, 22 August 2004 - 21:18
Interest in AVR OBDII Scanner?
Brenton_S15 wrote:So, Yeah, I'm interested in doing something Jason. I can't see any need to use things like the devices vimfuego2 mentioned. There is no reason why a fully...
Sunday, 22 August 2004 - 21:15
serial port
USB serial port adaptors are pretty cheap too if you fried your mobo. Just an idea. Jason
Saturday, 21 August 2004 - 01:11
On Chip Debugging AvrStudio 4 STK500
alah4637 wrote:Quote: Can I make a JTAG adapter? Sure you can! Try this one: http://www.siwawi.arubi.uni-kl.d... Or build this (as I did): It's...
Friday, 20 August 2004 - 13:09
On Chip Debugging AvrStudio 4 STK500
Hmm ... that's a good idea to use the mega16 for its JTAG support and then switch back to my current chip. Where else can I get a cheap JTAG dongle? I got burned by Olimex a...
Thursday, 19 August 2004 - 22:04
Where to store data and how to access?
Thanks folks! I think I'm going to put my data in EEPROM (because it is byte addressable, constant as far as using it and MIGHT need to be changed later) and I'm going to store my...
Monday, 16 August 2004 - 23:07