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BeagleBone® AI-64
Looks interesting, but alas: Due to government regulations, Mouser is unable to sell this product in your country.  
Sunday, 19 June 2022 - 09:21
Cycle count for STS on AVR-DB (Liesure Suit Larry asking).
I believe AVRrc is the reduced core version. Tiny9/10/20/40. The ones with only r16-r31. DB is AVRxm. Have a look at chapter 7 in the document (appendix A). It has a list of all...
Saturday, 19 February 2022 - 07:02
4 bit 7seg led display
I am having trouble seeing what AVR this is.  
Thursday, 30 December 2021 - 09:01
AVR-DB... Almost a win!
If using an external clock is an option, you could try the DA chip. There you have a full 8-bit port D, but you lose dual voltage I/O. Or maybe the DB can be used after all. What...
Thursday, 23 December 2021 - 20:04
Anyone have a working WS2812 Library for the DAs?
lclore wrote: So ideally, code would load up an array of 8 bit commands, start transmission with a buffered length, then go off and do other things while the data writes are...
Monday, 20 December 2021 - 18:51
LCD Breathing Help PWM
clawson wrote: That code can't possibly work Unless that code isn't the interrupt vector table in the first place. There may be a proper table that jumps to these labels....
Tuesday, 23 November 2021 - 07:11
Why does dfu programmer and atmelstupid disagree in size?
A guess could be that Studio counts (.text + .data + .bootloader), but dfu takes it as end address minus start address, which is (.text + .data + unused flash between appl and...
Sunday, 31 October 2021 - 08:35
What are the AVR28DA128 AVR32DA128 AVR48DA128 AVR64DA128 ??
Coupon codes are nice, but can anyone actually buy anything from them? I have been trying to buy the DB48 eval kit for the last hour, but I can't get past the checkout. It says...
Saturday, 14 August 2021 - 14:55
R/G Led with PWM on AVR128DA32
I don't think CCL is needed for this. Just take an event channel and route the signal directly to the other pin. Then use the port config to invert the output. Hmm, or maybe I am...
Saturday, 12 June 2021 - 06:57
microchip: "328p has 2048KB of RAM"
It goes the other way too. The AVR128DB48 apparently only has 16 bytes sram:   But the 28-pin version of the same chip has...
Sunday, 6 June 2021 - 06:51
AtmelStudio formating lost on cut/paste
gregd99 wrote: I understand that the formatting that I prefer might not be preferred by others... but the issue I am struggling with is how to preserve the format. I know I am...
Tuesday, 4 May 2021 - 15:31
Why isn't PB5 turning on inside of this if statement?
JouleThief wrote: The I/O windows show the LED on, and the LED is physically on. The I/O window also shows PB5 on, but I am measuring nothing at the output.   There is more...
Monday, 19 April 2021 - 18:10