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[Tut] LUFA & Studio5 - Beginner's Guide, Part 1
I'm starting to try to get it working with atmega32u4, this seems so good for the newbies, thanks for sharing.
Tuesday, 21 May 2013 - 15:56
Atmega32u4 arduino leonardo
Thanks clawson, I'll give it a try, Another question,I dont know if this is the right place to ask, if not please excuse me, in the Arduino, when one uses some function like...
Saturday, 18 May 2013 - 13:03
Atmega32u4 arduino leonardo
Thanks for the reponse mnehpets, No I'm not using any USB library in AS6. Can you please guide me?? I'm kind of newbbie, If i include an USB library, what function should I use??...
Friday, 17 May 2013 - 14:05
Interrupt Vetor Table
Thank you very much, hahhaha a zillion ahahaha, friends, can you see this post I am kinda stuck...
Thursday, 16 May 2013 - 16:10
Interrupt Vetor Table
Thanks Clawson!!!
Thursday, 16 May 2013 - 15:58
Interrupt Vetor Table
thanks again Clawson, your response was very clear. Now in relation to the Koshchi's response: Quote:What is at that vector is usually a jmp or rjmp to where the ISR code is, but...
Thursday, 16 May 2013 - 15:30
Interrupt Vetor Table
js wrote:Quote:Is this true?? Yes just like any other brand of processors.Quote: the program will make a jmp to 0x3000?? Only if the flash size is trat big otherwise it will be a...
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 - 21:21
Avrstudio bootloader debuggin
Brutte wrote:Quote:As for the debugging thing. The chip starts where the fuse-bits (and HWB pin ) tell it to. The simulator however has to be explicitly pointed to where to start...
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 - 17:39
Avrstudio bootloader debuggin
clawson wrote:Quote: could you explain me A picture is worth 1,000 words. Notice all the 0x3800's in this! thanks friend, could you explain me why did you use half of the address...
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 - 16:56
Avrstudio bootloader debuggin
clawson wrote:I guess you are putting it in the wrong place in the Makefile or that Makefile is being over-written when AS4 auto-generates it. I wonder why you would do this...
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 - 16:18
Avrstudio bootloader debuggin
sternst wrote:rogertrullo wrote:in the makefile im using the the linker flag --section-start=.text=0x3800With a "-Wl," in front of it, I hope. Thanks for the answer I'm using -Wl...
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 - 15:54
structure members alignment
thanks friends, i really apreciate your comments
Saturday, 22 December 2012 - 17:53