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Codevisionavr EEPROM>>>>>>>>>>
4 (decimal) digit PINs range from 0 through 9999, easily stored in a 16 bit word. There is therefore room for 512 PINs in the '32s EEPROM. Reading an erased EEPROM word will...
Saturday, 25 May 2013 - 17:00
Problem with V-USB on Atmega88
Without seeing the rest of the source it is difficult to help you. At the very least, you need to show us time_decode() and time_set().
Wednesday, 22 May 2013 - 10:11
Voltage Comparators
If sensor logic low is sufficiently close to ground, and hysteresis is not a concern, the 'disconnect diode' method may be useful, and your AVRs built in pull up resistors would...
Tuesday, 21 May 2013 - 10:32
Help with RC code
It sounds like this receiver uses a set of 6 (RC timed) monostable multivibrators to drive the channels. If that is the case, you will probably find it far easier to tap into the...
Tuesday, 21 May 2013 - 00:39
HOWTO generate listings for compiled "asm" and &qu
You can extract it from the ELF with something like... avr-objdump -h -d -w project.elf > project.list
Monday, 20 May 2013 - 22:47
Unable to wire up "PT100 Temperature Sensor"
The actual sensor (100 ohm RTD) itself does not appear to be included with this transmitter. A suitable sensor was listed along with the transmitter...
Sunday, 19 May 2013 - 19:58
AVR ADC reference voltage calibration
Some 'tricks' from my bag of dirty tricks. If the source impedance is low enough (easily arranged with a unity gain amp), 'subtract' 0.7 volts with a series diode. This will drop...
Saturday, 18 May 2013 - 21:54
DCF77 RTC clock timer code help
Divide and Conquer. Use the signal from a known-to-be--working receiver to test the AVR section. Once the AVR section is known to work, use it to help trouble shoot the suspect...
Saturday, 18 May 2013 - 11:23
Optocoupler w/ AC => interferance?
Mains frequency may vary a lot over a short period of time. Over a longer period, these variations average out. This article has some eye opening graphics in that respect... http...
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 - 10:17
re connecting avr<>avr using spi
Quote:Are there any logic problems with my approach? Yes. Connecting all Slave Selects together will activate all slaves simultaneously. Since the slave outputs are all also tied...
Tuesday, 14 May 2013 - 21:46
Note to self:
Quote:Does it then refers to the inhabitants suffering from flautulence? Dang it... made me spew my beer over the keyboard!
Friday, 10 May 2013 - 22:23
Note to self:
Quote:I think they do Brownian motion[/code] Come on, we know you're from the Windy City, close the lab door!
Friday, 10 May 2013 - 20:31