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Energy metering
Given the sparsity of information provided , I made some simple assumptions about the system (voltage division ratio , current transformer ratio, register settings, communication...
Sunday, 6 March 2016 - 21:00
Energy metering
20 samples/second, 3600 seconds per hour = 72,000 samples/hour. 2240000 / 72000 = 31 watt-hours.  
Sunday, 6 March 2016 - 15:30
What is bulb type called in attached pic
Looks like an NE-2 neon lamp.  
Sunday, 6 March 2016 - 15:09
Intermittent TWI Communication
Actually I believe the TWI threshold is ~3.5 volts for a 5 volt AVR. See section 28.7 of the data sheet, table 28.6 row 2 .  
Tuesday, 23 February 2016 - 22:15
CTC mode issues
It's because you are using a delay inside an ISR. As a general rule, never ever do that. Instead, simply set a flag inside the ISR to inform the application that 6 seconds have...
Sunday, 21 February 2016 - 22:36
CPU frequency with SG90 SERVO
The delay functions _delay_ms();are implemented as busy-wait loops. See the docs here The loop count...
Tuesday, 16 February 2016 - 10:27
Power Transformer restart problem - how to avoid
Yes the oil should be checked before energizing. Also it should be chemically tested at intervals,  and replaced if contaminated. You might think that an idle transformer...
Friday, 25 December 2015 - 09:51
Need advice for Sleep Modes on atmega328p
The key consideration when sleeping is what peripherals must remain operative. You indicate you are using TIMER0 and TIMER1, which are clocked from CLKio. That clock domain is...
Saturday, 19 December 2015 - 22:18
RFID Project Help - Need to deterr Chihuahuas
Torby is right, this is the best thread in a long while, with lots of interesting ideas... some practical, some nearing Rube Goldberg territory, but all sound like a lot of fun....
Thursday, 17 December 2015 - 21:58
Suart receive NEEDs help
  Without more explicit information (compiler, libraries & etc) I am hesitant, but being an obnoxious fellow I will proceed anyway.   You are shifting in a '0' at...
Monday, 14 December 2015 - 23:31
RFID Project Help - Need to deterr Chihuahuas
cut your losses and move on......with your chair   Done that before too
Monday, 14 December 2015 - 23:20
RFID Project Help - Need to deterr Chihuahuas
  In my experience, the RFID tags will be discovered by the wife, and you will be banished to the dog house.   Better IMHO is for the human to carry the RFID, and to...
Monday, 14 December 2015 - 22:11