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Why did my MOSFETS blow up?
tellSlater wrote:I would really like to know what killed these transistors...     Since you measure less than 100ohm gate-source, I believe there the gate-source...
Wednesday, 25 December 2019 - 20:38
Multiple Interrupts in INT0 But only one signal - [ SOLVED ]
AbDoO_ wrote: the point of using The INT0 instead of the regular input test  is because i want it to be fast and with no extra coding . Thanks for Suggesting .   ...
Tuesday, 24 December 2019 - 07:57
Multiple Interrupts in INT0 But only one signal - [ SOLVED ]
If your comparator simply compares two voltages, its sensitive to noise, and may oscillate when the two voltafges are near identical. That will trigger multiple times.  ...
Monday, 23 December 2019 - 22:27
24V 3A ampere motor drive using atmega32 pwm
I would also add a resistor at about 220R between atmega and mosfet gate. At low frequency it should work as long as gate voltage can turn the mosfet properly on. Reason for...
Friday, 6 December 2019 - 09:46
While loop does not recognize variable change
michac1995 wrote:if (light_pattern > 0 & duration == -1)   This is a quite common C error.   & means AND, the two expressions are anded together.  ...
Saturday, 30 November 2019 - 16:28
How does an avr micro controller sense input
Hi uc_coder   Try to read this from Microchip:   Notice the two reversed diodes, the pullup resistor and the mosfet...
Thursday, 17 October 2019 - 08:20
Switch Ac wave to mosfet
seggi wrote:Reason For using of mosfet and igbt is the my switching time is having on the microseconds   Do you need to switch on or off at any time, or can you do it at AC...
Tuesday, 14 August 2018 - 05:58
Near ideal transistor or similar on/off switch
Hi Klemko   An analog switch could do the trick.   Example:
Tuesday, 5 June 2018 - 08:18
noise on atmega 16
masternasr wrote:But I'm sure that it doesn't dips, because a big capacitors is parallel to it.   Nice big capacitors may react too slow if rolled like electrolytes. Try...
Monday, 4 June 2018 - 10:53
1 Watt or 2 watt Resistor
Wattage depends on surface. Double long, double wide => 8 x surface == 8 x wattage == 1W.   Resistors are dirt cheap. Does reuse pay off?
Thursday, 31 May 2018 - 11:38
MAX232cpe heating and not working
Talha Qureshi wrote:I am working on a personal project in which I have to establish communication between ATMega644 and PC. I am using a MAX232cpe level shifter ic with D9...
Monday, 9 April 2018 - 05:56
Switching noise of ac motor
engmado wrote:How to eliminate spikes then?   I real world you cannot eliminate spikes and noise.   You can reduce noise. You can reduce the effect of noise in your...
Thursday, 22 March 2018 - 11:27