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Please check my PCB
You might wanna check your mosfet again, I looks upside down to me and the "SOURCE" and "DRAIN" labels apear on the wrong pins.
Sunday, 22 December 2013 - 16:21
Which AVR would fit my project ?
Yeah Bob, but you can apply the same "formula" to match the linear led light to match the non linear eye sensitivity.
Tuesday, 6 August 2013 - 14:52
Which AVR would fit my project ?
I still didn't get the strip I ordered but the one I ordered is 60 leds/meter, each led is a 5050 smd rgb led. I never saw an RGB strip with discrete red blue and green leds, if...
Tuesday, 6 August 2013 - 13:25
Which AVR would fit my project ?
theusch wrote:The second question about not being able to achieve with hardware PWM is still a mystery to me. Since our eye's response to light isn't linear (we are much more...
Tuesday, 6 August 2013 - 09:36
Problems with PWM and CNY17-3
What is your frequency ? According to the datasheet the output transistor has a rise time of about 400us for a 30k load.
Thursday, 29 November 2012 - 16:31
battery drainage bug
He could use an EMP !
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 - 15:00
General electrical question
Are you pulling the gate up with an unprotected 12v car battery voltage or is there a mistake in the schematic ? Also, I see no need (not much harm either though) in using a...
Thursday, 4 October 2012 - 15:36
SJ in eagle
It's free. Don't need a header or anything, you just have two pads to solder if you want to. A disadvantage would be that you actually have to solder/desolder it. So it's usually...
Tuesday, 4 September 2012 - 12:27
SJ in eagle
Solder jumper link to short out R1 I think.
Tuesday, 4 September 2012 - 11:37
[TUT] Using 8 bit AVR Controller Area Network (CAN) register
Don't know if it's just me, but I'm finding this really hard to read. Like a big wall of text. Don't take it the wrong way, this looks like a very thorough and in depth tutorial...
Thursday, 30 August 2012 - 21:11
12 volt / 10 amp PWM from a micro controller?
I'd use a non logic level super low rds on fet and since you have a 12v rail I'd drive it with that.
Wednesday, 22 August 2012 - 06:32
Lets look at a circuit diagram this time!!
Friday, 10 August 2012 - 16:16