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Will 640 code work on 2560?
Not good. Two questions: - Is the registers the same, so that on "C-level" the same code will work on both 640 and 2650? (And then be compiled to the correct processor.) - When...
Thursday, 8 December 2005 - 18:26
reset pullup: How small can it be?
Thanks fellows! Really appreciate your fast replies! 10k is small enough for me. MegaUSBFreak: "nSRST is used to control and monitor the target reset line. However, this is not...
Thursday, 8 December 2005 - 13:44
Which lockbits to use?
Okay, here is some info about my project: - I don't use a bootloader. - I do use the flash to store tons of menutext for the LCD. Like this: const char SC10[] PROGMEM = "CPU...
Saturday, 21 May 2005 - 07:26
LCD with messed up bus
abcminiuser wrote: By the way, why don't you use the "_delay_loop_2" function in delay.h instead of your own DelayFourCycles? - Dean :twisted: Simple: I didn't know it existed...
Friday, 11 February 2005 - 10:45
LCD with messed up bus
McKenny & CC58: I'm not worthy :!: :!: Thx so much for the help, I've tried it, and toggling E did the trick! Best Regards /Björn
Thursday, 10 February 2005 - 17:12
Parallel Port Too Fast?
Thanks for your suggestion Dean. Found the artical, we'll the start of it. To read the rest I'd haft to pay $6.99. Got a good suggestion from Bingo600, I'll try that one...
Thursday, 2 December 2004 - 07:49
Parallel Port Too Fast?
:D To tell you the truth, I do got a STK500 lying around that I didn't use. My ISP programmer was more then enough, until I tried the ATmega48. But still, it would be...
Tuesday, 30 November 2004 - 08:48
Parallel Port Too Fast?
Okay mr Lee, you got me over to your side. Got any tips on good layouts for "build your own" serial ISP programmer? /Björn
Tuesday, 30 November 2004 - 08:12
AVRISP +ATMega88 incompability?
Yepp. I've tried 16 kHz, 32 khz, 1000 kHz, 4000 kHz, 8000 kHz. 16 kHz have the best succesrate, about 20-25%. 1000 kHz worked once. The crystall is 8 MHz and I've set the fuses to...
Monday, 29 November 2004 - 16:26
AVRISP +ATMega88 incompability?
Hello! Did the same thing, changed from a ATmega8 to a ATmega48. And got tons of problems. I can program the ATmega48 "sometimes", mostly not. Tried a zillion different programs...
Monday, 29 November 2004 - 15:56