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Hello I use the AT90PWM3B to control the HIP4081 FET Driver. I would like to use the Power Stage Controller of the Atmega. So i tried a bit. At the moment i use this code...
Monday, 19 December 2011 - 21:05
SPI questions
Hello I have some questions about the SPI with the Atmega. I have a SPI running on a Atmega 2560 as a Master and a Atmega 16 as a Slave. The problem is that i have problems to run...
Monday, 10 October 2011 - 13:27
BUG Studio 5?
There is a bug in Studio 5. If I change the Language of the Studio 5 to German its not possible to create a new project in C. Its only possible to create a new one in assembler....
Monday, 4 July 2011 - 12:39