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Laser Challenge
Freaks, I've made a number of changes to the code, the largest of which is the juggling of ports. My original code had all the active LEDs on one port, and inputs another, etc.,...
Sunday, 6 June 2004 - 09:41
Laser Challenge
Freaks, I deliberatly made the signal send time long, so that you have to have some accuracy, not just a change shot. I will alter it as I make the prototypes to the best interval...
Tuesday, 1 June 2004 - 03:26
Laser Challenge
Freaks, The IR would be better for the signal, as a laser would require perfect accuracy - but I still want a lser pointre to look good. The fuzzy logic is a good idea, just make...
Monday, 31 May 2004 - 02:19
Laser Challenge
Hmmm, point taken. I don't think i'd be shooting me mates with my laser tho... Another solution would be to use the red filter for the sensor, but wear glases that are tinted...
Saturday, 29 May 2004 - 12:44
I am desperate.... (data storage)
Use BASCOM, this is easy to use and has ComPact flash FAT commands inbuilt. - Dean :twisted:
Friday, 28 May 2004 - 11:53
Laser Challenge
LOL! I've played laser challenge at "DarkZone" before, which is (as the name suggests) dark, and they use lasers. The trick I suppose is to "Aim Low" and use my short transmission...
Friday, 28 May 2004 - 11:38
Laser Challenge
There's a laser IR module?? I thought lasers were only avaliable in blue, red and green? I'm only 15 but I have half a Dick Smith shop on my balcony (courtesy of my dad's...
Friday, 28 May 2004 - 11:12
Laser Challenge
Yeah, I though about that, but how does the avr distinguish between the laser and a torch (for example)? Also, I want to use a Laser only as it has a better range and tighter beam...
Thursday, 27 May 2004 - 00:17
Laser Challenge
Yo Mneary, I checked out the address you gave me ( and it had basically what I wanted, but my code has irregular codes sent, which differ from...
Wednesday, 26 May 2004 - 12:04
Laser Challenge
Freaks, I've already got the code that sends a binary signal through a port (which might be attached to an IR LED) at a fast rate
Wednesday, 26 May 2004 - 12:00
pc at keyboard to avr microcontroller
Freaks, There is an ATMEL application note on how to connect a AT Keyboard to an AVR, and the best language around (IMHO) is BASCOM. BASCOM is an easy to understand language as...
Tuesday, 25 May 2004 - 11:20