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Mega128 and STK500
Really basic question: I see the Mega128 is square. There is no corresponding square insert on the STK500, yet the STK500 supports the Mega128. How can this be? Is there another...
Friday, 30 January 2004 - 16:02
And terminal || OR &
Hello: There is a gain attenuation knob for adjustment of the incoming analog signal. The input information is: "You can display the signal from any compatible physiologic...
Friday, 23 January 2004 - 00:37
Accessing a Compact Flash Card from BASCOM
http://www.mcselec.com/an_123.htm I found this discussion useful, but unfortunately the 103 is no longer in production. Any suggestions for a substitute chip? Any comment on...
Thursday, 22 January 2004 - 10:57