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How to add an ISP header to veroboard?
DocJC wrote: This Adapter works well. JC Yes it does. If the OP is in the UK then will have them.
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 - 15:24
Code wont run unless I comment out arbitrary lines
You are not the first (tm) and won't be the last ;)
Thursday, 11 October 2012 - 09:21
debbuging avr with bus pirate
Quote: Rowley CrossStudio will run on Windows, Mac and Linux. Yes, and it will support the Dragon... however, I've found the debugger with Dragon / Mac combination a little umm...
Tuesday, 2 October 2012 - 11:37
Jobs with AVR's
jayjay1974 wrote:You need a few KPIs for sure. Yes, agreed. But the whole question in IT Management these days is, "What do we measure?" If it were down to me, it would be the...
Tuesday, 25 September 2012 - 14:40
Jobs with AVR's
Quote:I have been a professional software developer for more than 25 years. I have worked for a lot of companies. I too have been (am still am) a professional software engineer...
Tuesday, 25 September 2012 - 13:58
Jobs with AVR's
Actually Cliff's original point is perfectly valid. As a company interviewing candidates for software positions, these types of questions (and plenty more obscure ones) are quite...
Tuesday, 25 September 2012 - 13:14
ATmega2560 and AVR Dragon
Hi Colin, I actually *work* in Chippenham so a meet is entirely feasible. I've not got access to a 2560 but I do have a couple of (definitely) working Dragons. My 'lab' has been...
Thursday, 20 September 2012 - 20:31
AVR and an idea for auto-caravan
Perhaps a rain-fall/humidity meter? If my camping trips are anything to go by.
Thursday, 13 September 2012 - 16:02
Max. length of variable names to avoid debugger problems
Also OT... Hi Ross. No, nothing like that. The new rules for posting here are (for me) rather restrictive... i.e If you cant be helpful, STFU! So, I've been trying to teach myself...
Wednesday, 5 September 2012 - 13:43
Max. length of variable names to avoid debugger problems
" Look for functionality like "Mark all occurences" and similar. " Or better still, look for 'Search/Replace' all occurences :)
Monday, 3 September 2012 - 15:09
ATmega2560 and AVR Dragon
Also remember what John stated. A 12in lead on a Dragon is asking for trouble.
Monday, 3 September 2012 - 13:44
Is a voltage regulator required?
A diode (early) in the power circuit will prevent cock ups.
Sunday, 22 April 2012 - 09:14