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Maker Faire New York
jgmdesign wrote:Hope to meet some of the NYFreaks! Was not aware there were more in my area.Not exactly in your area but I am in New York state. I'm 200+ miles from NYC. Will...
Monday, 3 September 2012 - 22:29
twi on attiny261/461/861
eriksl wrote:The only thing that concerns me, in the end, is that when I am going to use twi, it won't work because I need to set some mux I don't know of :-/There is - take a...
Thursday, 12 July 2012 - 19:35
Weird LCD stops working after a few seconds?
slow_rider wrote:The LCD works fine for about 10 seconds and than it will show nothing or blocks on the 1st line only.This sounds like the reset state of LCD. Something is...
Wednesday, 4 July 2012 - 21:06
Make sure you disable the watchdog at start up...
alank2 wrote:Then I remembered that wdt_disable() not working before and did a code search and found the bottom example.The critical step missing in your original code is to reset...
Saturday, 30 June 2012 - 19:34
Incorrect size of struct
Note that for padding, you can use an unnamed bit-field. For example, instead of: uint8_t padding : 5; You can use: uint8_t : 5; Don
Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 12:27
WinAVR continuation
SprinterSB wrote:What does "avr-gcc -v" say?Quote:gcc version 4.6.2 (AVR_8_bit_GNU_Toolchain_3.4.0_663)Don
Saturday, 26 May 2012 - 17:53
First Eagle Part / Critique?
cshutchinson wrote:Thanks for trying. I am using 6.2, but not sure if that is a problem or not...I was able to open the .lbr file in EAGLE 6.2 but not with EAGLE 5.11.0. At first...
Saturday, 26 May 2012 - 00:44
Heihopp wrote:FIR filters are convolution between your signal and the filter coefficients.Yes - in the time domain. This is equivalent to multiplication in the frequency domain...
Saturday, 26 May 2012 - 00:09
I worked the last 4 & 1/2 years of my career in Digital Signal Processing. I use to mumble in my sleep:Quote:Convolution in the time domain is equal to multiplication in the...
Thursday, 24 May 2012 - 22:12
Washing a circuit board...
I've recently started using Kester #2331 water soluble flux-pen. So far I'm quite satisfied and it cleans up very well using just tap water. Of course, this tip won't be of any...
Thursday, 24 May 2012 - 22:05
Compiler Bug: incorrect code generated with -Os
My latest tests indicate that this problem has been fixed with Atmel Studio 6 production release (Version 6.0.1843) with AVR Toolchain 8 Bit ( - GCC 4.6.2). Don
Thursday, 10 May 2012 - 23:52
condition problem (or whatever i should name this topic)
Where is GData declared? Are you sure both functions (GPSLoop and "the other file") are referencing the same declaration or are there multiple declarations? Don
Thursday, 10 May 2012 - 14:09