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does anyone have a easy tutorial for SPI?
does anyone have a easy tutorial about SPI? I am a newbie, please email me, or leave a link here, many thankz vincent
Thursday, 22 July 2010 - 02:13
PLEASE help, the interrupt is not working
there are something wrong with the first part of codes."The interrupt service routine (ISR) for ext_int0", interrupt is not working. Can anyone help me? I use WinAVR compilor,...
Monday, 19 July 2010 - 05:27
please help, what is wrong with my SPI codes for Atmega8?
what is wrong with my SPI codes for Atmega8,please ? I could not get the data to be transmitted. program cannot end the while-loop in "SPI_MasterTransmit". is "SPSR" initially...
Thursday, 15 July 2010 - 04:06
PLEASE help, flushing LEDs and display msgs with STK500,
hi guys, I try to program a ATmega 8 on STK 500 board. my targets are: 1. press a swith, then a LED is ON, 2,at the same time, display a message in the MSwindows HyperTerminal...
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 - 22:36