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PORT connected to VCC,can it go wrong?
I have this problem. A long time ago a skill level away, I designed some simple hardware. The connector was like this: VCC Di A C GND VCC Do B D GND But i need to interface...
Thursday, 8 March 2007 - 22:21
Comparison is always true? No way!
The compiler is giving this error: ../dplc_lcd.h:45: warning: comparison is always false due to limited range of data type I have this code: #define LCD_CLR_CHAR 0xFF...
Wednesday, 7 March 2007 - 14:21
Universal code for seven segs:
I had a device, in which a 7seg display was connected to a single port. But all mixed up because of the ideal PCB design. I spent a little time making up constants. Then, another...
Wednesday, 21 February 2007 - 18:49
Setting more decimal places in XTAL frequency
I need to measure the precise time of an event. I've got a crystal @ 14.745600MHz and the AVR studio always approximates the value to 14.75MHz. Can I set the value to 14.745600MHz?
Wednesday, 21 February 2007 - 14:36
Controlling a servo
I've got a ATMega8 clocked at 14.745600MHz and I need to control one servo preferably with a hardware interface (namely Timer1) on OC1A or OC1B pin. But I need it to be 50Hz. I'...
Tuesday, 20 February 2007 - 20:40
Going postal over DS1302 code
Now. This little code uses the fine DS1302 library of oods_52 posted in the projects section. BUt that's not the problem. The problem lies within the routine i use to set the...
Monday, 12 February 2007 - 22:21
Open Collector transistor
+5V | R 10k -----------+----------------> | To another station TxD |/ and in the end into ---R 10k...
Saturday, 10 February 2007 - 21:01
What has AVR32 been used in?
What commercial apps. has the AVR32 been used? Just dont know about any and I'm interested... David
Tuesday, 6 February 2007 - 12:34
What to do with PEN?
What should I with a PEN pin on the Mega128? I can program it with a PEN on 1, I can program it with PEN equal zero. I'm using the ISP. I put it on VCC in the board design....
Monday, 5 February 2007 - 13:56
Plea for AVRStudio for linux
Oh mighty Atmel, hear my pleas... Make a AVRStudio porting under linux... I'm thinking about switching and this would be a advatage... Thanks, David
Monday, 29 January 2007 - 11:38
I'm not sure, from the documentation, but is there any difference between naming your interupts SIGNAL and ISR, other that a gramatical one? Is the SIGNAL going to end up like...
Tuesday, 16 January 2007 - 20:07
A simple program to send stuff over the COM port...
(didn't know into which forum this question would be best suited, so here it is) Hi, I've tried making my own COMport subrutine (on the PC), but I've had little succes (it works,...
Sunday, 14 January 2007 - 15:58