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finding where a symbol is #define'd
find . -name \*.h -exec grep -H -n $SEARCH_TERM {} \; works for me under cygwin (also linux of course).
Wednesday, 13 April 2011 - 02:15
[Linux][Tools] Suggested tools for AVR use under Linux
jnd-cz wrote: For editor/IDE I use Geany (mostly packaged, You can configure it for one-key assembly/compile/make and avrdude upload too. I could post...
Wednesday, 13 April 2011 - 02:01
How to force the C compiler to allocate SRAM absolute addr
JohanEkdahl wrote: It certainly isn't the first time we have this question asked here. If you do your searches right you will find the previous discussions (and in those you will...
Wednesday, 13 April 2011 - 01:59
winavr + custom Makefile + cygwin-style drive names breaks
Basically what I have is a set of source code that is common to 3 or 4 different projects (slightly different hardware, but essentially similar), then as well as that for each...
Friday, 25 March 2011 - 02:01
winavr + custom Makefile + cygwin-style drive names breaks
atomicdog wrote:I think you would need to run make within the cygwin shell in order for that drive path to be valid. I *do* run make from within the cygwin shell, but avr-gcc...
Thursday, 24 March 2011 - 23:38
Programming an FPGA from the AVR?
I'm using a cyclone III. The copying is relatively straightforward, but I had hoped to be able to directly use the AT45 series dataflash to program the FPGA - ie, bypass the...
Monday, 2 February 2009 - 02:14