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I2C newbee question
I'm having a lot of trouble with programming I2C on a breadboard with an ATmega4809 and I want to DIY a I2C hub. Researching existing boards/projects they look very simple with...
Sunday, 15 May 2022 - 14:36
KEIL Community Edition
This may or may not be new news to y'all but it is to me and thought I would share.   KEIL Community Edition   Glad to see this!
Saturday, 2 April 2022 - 20:58
Electronics Organizer pricing question
Don't know whether this is the right spot or not, it's an electronics tool.  If not move or delete.   I'm rewriting an old application I wrote many moons ago and not...
Saturday, 5 March 2022 - 21:38
ATmega4809 ADC question
I've got the ADC working on the ATmega4809 using VDD as reference.   /* Disable digital input buffer */ PORTE.PIN0CTRL |= PORT_ISC_INPUT_DISABLE_gc; ADC0.CTRLC =...
Friday, 14 January 2022 - 16:44
ATmega4809 TCB Confusion
I'm attempting to use TimerB in the Single Shot mode and have been spinning my wheels for some time. I think my issue is in the issuing an Event to trigger the single shot....
Thursday, 6 January 2022 - 14:54
ATTiny85 and the Reset pin
The project I'm working uses a ATtiny85 and during the course of development has gotten a fair amount of feature scope and I need to use all the pins.   I have a 10K pot on...
Friday, 3 April 2020 - 23:36
Question about HT-12D addre3ssing
433MHz Transmitter/Receiver pair using the HT-12D/HT-12E Encode/Decoder to exchange data.  Got off ebay 433MHz RF Transmitter/Receiver   Firstly the HT-12E transmit...
Tuesday, 13 August 2019 - 00:12
Component AtmelDeviceStartup is missing
I am running AS 7.0.1931, the latest.   I've been working on an ATmega328p app on and off for a few hours and there was a notification of an update that was available and so...
Wednesday, 26 June 2019 - 19:53
** This item is no longer available **   I found a needy student that could use them and I gave them to him!   I was sent 10 PIC16F690 MCUs by mistake and I have no use...
Saturday, 8 June 2019 - 22:05
Input Capture control
I've been struggling with this problem for a while and I'm just not getting it. ATmega328P @ 16MHz, 5V   I'm receiving a pulse on the ICP1 line and I want to have the ability...
Thursday, 14 March 2019 - 23:35
Clock question
I have a rather esoteric question about using an external xtal and I believe I already know the answer but will throw it out to the experts.   I have an evil mad scientist...
Wednesday, 11 November 2015 - 16:37
Driver problem or what?
Running Windows 7 64bit I did a project last month and used both a USBTiny and my Atmel-ICE without any problems.  Now I can't access my ATMega328P with USBTiny or the Atmel-...
Thursday, 5 November 2015 - 16:38