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Internal Voltage Reference - Mega 168/88/48 - drift
If "new specs" gets us cheaper chips that's an advantage; but what if I want "older specs" as they're better? And maybe in (features/mem size) fatter...
Sunday, 15 June 2014 - 01:50
Internal Voltage Reference - Mega 168/88/48 - drift
Whatever it is, I think ATMEL should at least keep the specs of older gens, if not improving on them. In general it's not expected for a new gen piece of tech to get worse...
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 - 01:50
Internal Voltage Reference - Mega 168/88/48 - drift
PSoC 4 has +/-1% over temp and Vcc on the internal 1.024V reference. I had the idea that MSP430 also had better specs but took a look and no, they don't, it's a diode...
Tuesday, 10 June 2014 - 01:41
Internal Voltage Reference - Mega 168/88/48 - drift
Well, I see some other microcontroller manufacturers improving on their tolerances, so it is strange for me to see AVRs getting worse.
Monday, 9 June 2014 - 18:26
Internal Voltage Reference - Mega 168/88/48 - drift
I find it odd that some newer generation AVRs have about 3-4 times worse bandgap stability over temp/Vcc specs. The older tiny26 has typical bandgap variation of near 3mV over 0-...
Monday, 9 June 2014 - 16:21
Could we blindly drop a ATMega168P in place of a ATMega168?
The contradictions are because it was a quick story I made up at post-time, 'cause I thought would be easier for me to transmit the key-points this way. Thanks for the Hint, I'm...
Friday, 22 May 2009 - 19:40
Ultrasonic Sensors
A Cheap Ultrasonic Range Finder
Saturday, 18 April 2009 - 03:59
voltage reference stability?
I've used the ATtiny26 internal nominal 2.56V (it's actually nominal 2.7V) and done some tests, specially raising the temperature, and found it complies to the variation graphs on...
Wednesday, 1 April 2009 - 23:14
Looking for CE marked board
sparrow2 wrote:About EMI and low freq, FCC start at 25MHz but EU go all the way down. I know that because a lot of laptops lcd’s use a clk freq. of 24 MHz and therefore don’t need...
Wednesday, 18 February 2009 - 13:30
Looking for CE marked board
Thanks Jim. From the EU WEEE FAQ updated August 2006, we can read: 1.11. Do electrical or electronic devices such as car radios fall under the RoHS Directive or under Directive...
Wednesday, 18 February 2009 - 03:30
Looking for CE marked board
Anyone knows which CE-like and WEEE-like EU laws apply to electronic devices going to a vehicle ("add-on" devices, let's say, an alarm)? My understanding of reading CE and WEEE is...
Tuesday, 17 February 2009 - 23:17
Graphics routines for LINE command in BASIC
You should also consider taking some programming classes, or a good book, windmill.
Monday, 16 February 2009 - 02:21