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C String on Attiny202
Today I was testing the UART example from Microchip https://github.com/MicrochipTech... and it didn't work. After some debug I realize that the micro-controller ignore what is...
Tuesday, 5 January 2021 - 12:54
Use both SPI and I2C on ATtiny202
Hi,   I'm using a SPI and a I2C slave connected to an ATtiny202 so I need to share the GPIOs for I2C and SPI and it is working however I can't understand why do I...
Monday, 20 April 2020 - 16:21
Measure Vcc with ADC
Hi,   I implemented this application note to measure Vcc http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/AppNotes/00002447A.pdf however I need to use 10bit resolution to be...
Monday, 25 November 2019 - 14:13
Split from: UPDI programmer software for Arduino - compatible with avrdude
hi, Is it possible to reset(run) the attiny after the flashing process?
Friday, 22 November 2019 - 15:26
Attiny402 RTC Configuration
Hi,   I'm stating developing for attiny402. Reading the datasheet it says to Configure the Clock CLK_RTC however look into CLKCTRL I can't find ...
Friday, 11 October 2019 - 22:48
Programming of Attiny202 and CS pin
Hi,   If I want to use SPI of attiny202 do I need to use a 12V programmer?
Monday, 30 September 2019 - 09:40
Programming - Can read but can't write
Hi, I'm programming a Atxmega8E5 on my own board. The Avr Dragon can read, it says that can write but when verify it fails so I think it is not writing to the flash. Since it has...
Thursday, 29 May 2014 - 11:39
Verify crystal is working
Hi, Since I select the fuse bit that set the micro to use the external crystal the avr dragon can't enter programming mode again. The crystal is: http://pt.mouser.com/Search/Prod...
Tuesday, 27 May 2014 - 01:41
ATxmega8E5 - Problem enter programming mode
Hi, I made a pcb with an ATxmega8E5 but now I'm getting some problems enter in programming mode. My schematic: And the error: I already tried without R1 but can't program it. I...
Wednesday, 21 May 2014 - 11:02
Atmega328p - 16Mhz at 3.3V
Hi I have a atmega328p running [ur=https://github.com/grbl/grbll]GR.... For that kind of operation that use a lot the timers should I be able to run the atmega328p at 16mhz with a...
Thursday, 8 May 2014 - 14:39
Designing a PCB with ATXmega8E5 + ATmega328p - Crystal ?
I'm designing a board with an ATXmega8E5 and an ATmega328p. It will have some wireless interfaces and stepper motor controls. I pretend to use an external capacitor to get best...
Monday, 31 March 2014 - 21:44
ASF - spi_write_packet error on lenght
Hi, I'm using SPI from ASF and there is a problem on the function spi_write_packet. Per example: spi_write_packet(&SPIC, data, 3); it will send only 2 bytes and not 3....
Sunday, 30 March 2014 - 01:31