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interrupt on OCR0RA internally - AT90PWM3b
AT90PWM3B has 4 PSC timer register (two output, two deadtime). I want to interrupt when OCR0RA is "on" so the ADC can measure current over a shunt. How would you do this...
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 - 18:54
can you do two single adc conversion after each other?
Can you start a conversion (ADCSRA |= (1<<ADSC)) wait for the interrupt, read the data, and then (after the interrupt) start a new conversion?
Saturday, 10 December 2011 - 10:38
Interrupts with AT90PWM3B
I'm trying to get a interrupt when the PSC go high. It will then activate a ADC to measure current. The feedback from the shunt is connected to PSCIN0 pin (and the adc). Here is...
Tuesday, 6 December 2011 - 09:25
To low voltage on a pin. [solved]
I'm trying turn a LED on/off with 0.5s delay, It works but I barely see the light. I read only 2V out of the pin. I check the supply and it gives a steady 5V. LED is in series...
Monday, 21 November 2011 - 06:17
high()/low() functions for C?
In assambler you can use high/low functions for split a 12bit int to two 8bit registers. But how do you solve this in C?
Wednesday, 25 May 2011 - 13:27
can you ground a atmega pin?
I'm using a led matrix and want to ground a pin to turn the light on. but can you ground a pin?
Thursday, 27 May 2010 - 20:53
flash a light with atmega48 and timer0
I'm trying to flash a LED with timer overflow as a trigger. but nothing happens. what mistake have I done? #include #include #include void init_clock(void) { // 1024...
Thursday, 27 May 2010 - 15:57
My HD44780 busy flag is always high (ATmega8815) (ASM)
I'm trying to print the letter 'A' to my HD44780 LCD display. but the busy flag is always high. I Have done some simulations and it should work. My setup is 8bit mode to display...
Monday, 15 February 2010 - 17:18