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avr32program doesn't reset the AVR
The reset command will do a reset through the OCD and leave the CPU stopped in debug mode afterwards. It's primarily useful when the CPU gets stuck somehow. If you wish to start...
Monday, 2 February 2009 - 14:08
"Erase" vs "Chip Erase"
Keith, You're right of course. The user page will survive a chip erase. Sorry about that. -Tore
Monday, 2 February 2009 - 13:57
"Erase" vs "Chip Erase"
A Chip Erase will erase the flash (including user page), fuses and the security bit of a device with internal flash, such as the UC3's. It's a very quick way to erase a programmed...
Tuesday, 27 January 2009 - 10:39
Error Messages in AVR32 Studio 2.10 when using JTAGICE mkII
Try running "avr32program -v3 cpuinfo" in a cmd.exe, it will provide more information for diagnosis. Also check that your JTAG connector is properly attached and the right way. -...
Friday, 23 January 2009 - 12:40
AVR32 Studio 2.1.0 BETA released
Hi Kurt, Ubuntu 8.10 packages are in the pipe, and we're about to test on Fedora 10 as well. -Tore
Friday, 5 December 2008 - 12:29
Compiler ouput
You will also see the size information in the Properties view when selecting an executable or an object file in the Project Explorer. A new feature in 2.1 is the ability to double...
Thursday, 4 December 2008 - 14:34
Line numbers in AVR32Studio 2.0
Hi, In the preferences, you can go to General > Editors > Text Editors and check the "Show line numbers" option. -Tore
Friday, 21 November 2008 - 14:12
Sudo hudo
Care to give some details, so perhaps we can understand what's going on?
Wednesday, 12 November 2008 - 06:39
avr32studio does not start
If Studio does not start, it should indicate a reason in the workspace/.metadata/.log file. I suggest you start looking there, possibly posting excerpts to this forum if you have...
Saturday, 8 November 2008 - 22:06
Sudo hudo
Hi Billy, you need to have root privileges to create files in /etc/udev/rules.d, so use sudo to either edit in-place or copy the file there. -Tore
Saturday, 8 November 2008 - 22:01
AVRONE! loading new firmware update by CLI
Grahame, Don't worry, no offense taken (by me at least). I understand it can be frustrating when development takes other directions than where you would prefer. We have lots of...
Monday, 3 November 2008 - 12:32
AVRONE! loading new firmware update by CLI
Hi, the firmware can be updated using the avrfwupgrade utility. Currently the firmware itself is distributed within the com.atmel.avr32.tool.avrfwupgrade plugin within that crazy...
Friday, 31 October 2008 - 19:57