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Looking for a sensor to detect steps
UPDATE: I've tested these switches and I think they're workable, with proper installation and software debouncing.  They're under a dollar each, which is a plus.  They...
Tuesday, 26 April 2022 - 22:36
"Armored" cable?
I too would recommend metal-wrapped shower hose.  A quick check on Amazon shows lengths up to 118 inches.   BTW, as a child my dad had a huge wooden spool of armored...
Thursday, 21 April 2022 - 13:16
Looking for a sensor to detect steps
js wrote: Doesn't any old mobile phone have this built in? ...Or are you looking for a vacuum tube version?..... Come to think of it, I'm sure I could find a microphonic tube in...
Wednesday, 20 April 2022 - 15:09
Looking for a sensor to detect steps
N.Winterbottom wrote: kk6gm wrote:Each impact is in the form BUMP-bump Each bump, preceded by a creak & crack from the knees. True, a creak sensor would work as well...
Wednesday, 20 April 2022 - 15:07
Solved: Missing first char in printing. Shifted by one character. Off by one.
poobar wrote:I know enough about compiler-writers to know that little ol' me ain't gonna catch them at a simple bug. ;-)   I once found a bug in a commercial compiler (not...
Friday, 4 February 2022 - 17:07
Controlling Twinkly leds directly with a microcontroller
Good work.  I guess the advantages outweigh the cost and trouble of implanting the IDs and wiring them all up in proper order.
Saturday, 29 January 2022 - 04:41
Controlling Twinkly leds directly with a microcontroller
I'd be a little surprised if each LED had a built-in address.  Maybe so.  Try pulling one from the end of the string and putting it in the middle or beginning of the...
Friday, 28 January 2022 - 22:32
Atmega16 internal oscillator for 1s timer?
I know enough about pellet stoves to think that the internal clock should be fine.  In any case, I'm guessing the pellet feed will be in some kind of a feedback loop,...
Wednesday, 19 January 2022 - 23:38
4 DC motors (water pumps for irrigation) spin uncontrollably SOLUTION UPDATED
Don't know if this is related to your problem, but you have no main loop (!!).  You execute your code one time and then drop through the bottom of main().  You need an...
Saturday, 6 November 2021 - 06:02
What does capacitance/voltage mean on this circuit?
Mithrandir_ wrote: It's strange that they chose to include it in the circuit, isn't it? You could argue that it is strange that they specify a voltage for the electrolytic (and...
Thursday, 21 October 2021 - 15:06
ATMEGA16 Timer/Counter
Something I don't think has been mentioned yet, is that using a timer overflow is almost never the right approach to accurate timing.  That is why all modern timers have some...
Friday, 15 October 2021 - 16:39
RC on reset pin, necessary or not?
avrcandies wrote: It is supposedly a good idea if your AVR will live in a high-noise environment. Maybe you are gonna make an arc-welder, so a cap won't hurt.   ...
Wednesday, 13 October 2021 - 15:37