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ATtiny424 Timer
Ritesh236 wrote:minimum memory   Not that one, you should try Attiny13. Do not worry, all about this 5s will take less than 200B, or much less if in assembler.
Tuesday, 12 July 2022 - 14:32
ATtiny424 Timer
ka7ehk wrote:hard to do this using interrupts   Well, I should try a level one. All of 5s time can be in just this interrupt, where debouncing can be easily done.   Do...
Tuesday, 12 July 2022 - 04:46
ATtiny424 Timer
Rajendrasinh Chhasatiya wrote:5 sec   This is too much.   If you can have both Short Press, and Long Press of key, then a measure will be around 0.6 s. Anything more is...
Monday, 11 July 2022 - 13:07
ATtiny1616 TCDn / TCBn - a blipping challenge
Hold on, it is just a driver, not a switcher itself. Now, we can start to talk about. For example, EN pin must be high. Most important, PWM pin should have well defined ON/OFF...
Monday, 11 July 2022 - 10:03
ATtiny1616 TCDn / TCBn - a blipping challenge
If it is Sync Buck Converter, PWM Controller, then how PWM/EN/OUT are not inter-connected. There is not indeed any feedback from output voltage. Are you inventing something new?
Sunday, 10 July 2022 - 20:56
ATtiny1616 TCDn / TCBn - a blipping challenge
snoopy33 wrote:the duty can't be 100%   Switching chip can not have 100% duty, true. Will you explain how this can be a problem, please. Is there any problem, be specific,...
Sunday, 10 July 2022 - 20:01
I2C Slave doesn't send data
mahmoud899 wrote: i = i2c_read(1); How many times you do this? For permanent monitoring, Master should read every 40ms, or so.
Saturday, 9 July 2022 - 04:01
Cheap Tools
MarkThomas wrote:How else can a company manufacture and sell a...   watch for 3$ at Ebay.   Excellent retro/vintage looking classic watch with a really big Omega...
Wednesday, 6 July 2022 - 10:15
Bootloading problem with Atmega328 - pu
OP, please: answer the most important question: do you intend to connect the chip with USB cable. Also #3 and #4.   Without board information, schematic, we can not help you.
Tuesday, 5 July 2022 - 07:56
Bootloading problem with Atmega328 - pu
Why so difficult and impossible task /for a beginner/, may I say.   
Tuesday, 5 July 2022 - 05:53
Cheap Tools
mike32217 wrote:the most expensive tool is a cheap tool   True, specially for any screwdriver. Quality counts.
Monday, 4 July 2022 - 21:10
New ChipQuik Solder Paste looks bad???
  Ethyl alcohol, or else.  
Saturday, 2 July 2022 - 17:41