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Software Documentation Tools
I've been asked to write up some details about a piece of software I wrote long ago. I originally wrote up something years ago, but now it's been lost and I need to recreate it....
Saturday, 17 January 2015 - 21:56
SPI Clock Rate and SD Cards
Are there any SD Card gurus around here that can help me with this?   I'm writing a data logging application that logs sensor data to an SD card. I'm using the SD card in SPI...
Monday, 24 November 2014 - 16:38
OLED Display Problem
I have a piece of equipment that uses three small monochrome OLED displays to display graphical information. The OLED displays are generic -- I can't trace the markings on them to...
Tuesday, 24 December 2013 - 18:53
Dead Parts + PCBs for Soldering Practice
Anyone know a source for dead ICs and scrap PCBs that I can get cheaply for use in practicing drag soldering LQFP144 and TQFP100 parts?
Thursday, 12 December 2013 - 19:02
Graphics Programming
I want to start using graphical LCD displays (such as a 320x240 pixel display) in some of my embedded projects, but never have done any graphics programming. Is there a book or...
Friday, 9 August 2013 - 19:44
AVR One! Support ARM Yet?
There was some talk about a year ago that the AVR One! would soon support the Atmel ARM chips. Has this happened yet?
Friday, 28 June 2013 - 02:02
Is my AVR ONE! Bricked?
I received a new AVR ONE! today. I connected it and everything looked fine. I connected the test unit and ran the selftest in AVR Studio 5.1, which passed. It then said the FW was...
Friday, 23 March 2012 - 22:02
Bug in AVR32 Simulator?
I'm using the AVR32 simulator in Atmel Studio 6 to debug some UC3 code and see what I think may be a bug. First, a question: is there any circumstance where executing an rete from...
Friday, 16 March 2012 - 00:08
USB to RS-485/422 Interface
I need an adapter that will let me interface an RS-485 or RS-422 line to a PC via USB. I'd like something that isolates the RS-485 line as it's coming from a outdoor sensor and I'...
Thursday, 15 March 2012 - 21:43
Bug in C Code Generation with "Naked" Attribute?
If I have an AVR32 UC3 function compiled with __attribute__ ((naked)), the compiler doesn't generate any prolog or epilog code, but it still seems to assume the frame pointer (r7...
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 - 23:18
Atmel Studio 6 and non-Atmel J-TAG
Anyone know if Atmel Studio 6 supports J-TAG units other than the SAM-ICE for debugging the SAM3 series? The SAM-ICE looks very much like the generic Segger J-LINK, which I have,...
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 - 19:25
AVR32 C Compiler Calling Conventions
Anyone know where the C compiler calling conventions are documented? I need to know which registers are used to pass parameters into/out of functions, which need to be saved...
Monday, 12 March 2012 - 18:48