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What programmer for ATmega644PA?
I asked my question because on page: there is information, that AVR JTAGICE mkII is for debugging and AVRISP mkII In-System Programmer is for...
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 - 17:43
How to check if interrupt is working
Heihopp wrote:Use a global variable. Increment it in the interrupt routine. Create a loop in main that does the following: I have already done it with global variable. It is not a...
Thursday, 3 September 2009 - 13:33
How to check if interrupt is working
// it is automatically called by timer a few times a second interrupt handler { if something happened, then stop_interrupt } main{ start_interrupt(); while(...
Thursday, 3 September 2009 - 11:12
How to check if interrupt is working
There is timer interrupt handler which I start from main program. Then interrupts works for a while and in some case stops itself. I need some "while" loop in main program, which...
Thursday, 3 September 2009 - 11:09
Why is it so slow?
Heihopp wrote:Isn't one toggle half a period? It depends what we are talking about :) I measured frequency of vertical lines which are between toggling from high to low and from...
Saturday, 22 August 2009 - 20:41
Why is it so slow?
hce wrote:You can not measure a signal with higher speed than 10 MHz with a 20 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope ;) Of course You are right, when we are talking about proper picture of...
Saturday, 22 August 2009 - 20:31
Why is it so slow?
hce wrote:Bus arbitration? Yes, indeed. I have modified my code to this: #include #include "intc.h" #include "compiler.h" #include "board.h" #include "pm.h" #include "gpio.h" #...
Friday, 21 August 2009 - 20:17
Why can't I turn two LEDs on at the same time?
I solved this problem. It was all about this that you need clear (not set) pin to turn the led on.
Friday, 17 July 2009 - 19:48
Did I set the frequency correctly?
Hi, Thanks for your answer. Yes, I need extra uC power. The reason I've migrated from AVR ATmega to AVR32 was extra power needed. I had used ATmega32 for years and always...
Sunday, 28 June 2009 - 10:25
How to blink a LED?
Hello again, Some new facts about speeding up of the code... Maybe it will be useful for somebody. First of all, the code in my first post in this topic was compiled with -O0 gcc...
Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 16:51
How to blink a LED?
Hi, Thanks for you answer. I agree that the method you have shown is probably the best possible. Maybe it is possible to create "register variables" which one of them will has...
Saturday, 6 June 2009 - 13:26
[TUT] [C] Newbie's Guide to AVR Timers
Hi, When somebody would like to see all possible frequencies for his/her uC crystal, please see this: Regards, CypressValley
Friday, 5 June 2009 - 22:18