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Hi Freaks, I am an FPGA newbie and want to interface a M328P AVR with an A40MX02 FPGA. The FPGA is already programmed and I would like to check if it is functionally working. I...
Sunday, 6 December 2009 - 16:17
M328P and MUX (again!)
Hi Freaks, I have a 74HC4051 mux connected to an M328P. I am trying to measure the diode drop of a DUT as shown in the attached figure. The MUX select lines are connected to the...
Saturday, 28 November 2009 - 18:17
Changing ADC channels (round robin) question
Hi Freaks, I am using ADC channel 5 of M328P to start with and after a certain number of timer ticks, changing over to channel 4. Here is my code: void ADC_init() {...
Tuesday, 17 November 2009 - 13:20
Can I implement a GPS receiver?
Hi Freaks, I am thinking of making a project which would be something like the run of the mill GPS but with an AVR It will have a GPS receiver and an 8 bit AVR. Can I implement...
Monday, 16 November 2009 - 03:33
Switching GND through transistor switch
Hi Freaks, I am trying to switch GND to a signal line by using an NPN as a switch. I want node A to be tristated so that it is driven by another signal coming to A from another...
Sunday, 15 November 2009 - 18:38
ISP trouble after migrating to M328P
Hi Freaks, I was using M48 for a long time now and I am using the STK500 to program this. It worked just great. Now I moved to the M328P (which is supposed to be pin compatible...
Saturday, 14 November 2009 - 16:41
Netlist conversion
Hi Freaks, I have a schematic in ExpressSCH which I want to use for PADS. Is there a way that ExpressSCH can generate a netlist file that I can use for PADS? Thanks
Tuesday, 10 November 2009 - 22:55
Layout help needed
Hi Freaks, Can anyone with some extra time (:) help me with a layout? I am a PCB newbie and have a board that I need next week. I am trying to do it myself and it is taking a...
Sunday, 8 November 2009 - 15:25
Migration from Atmega48 to Atmega328P
Hi Freaks, I am thinking of migrating from my good old Atmega48 over to Atmega328P. In other words, I will take my program which I wrote for the M48 and move it over to the M328P...
Friday, 6 November 2009 - 18:42
ExpressPCB layout newbie question
Hi Freaks, This is a very stupid question coming from a total ExpressPCB and layout newbie. I have an LM317 in a TO220 package. I am trying to create a through hole layout for it...
Sunday, 25 October 2009 - 01:59
Can I use the SPI pins for two functions?
Hi Freaks, I am building a board with ISP capability with SPI pins. I have a MAX306 16 channel MUX/DEMUX on the SCK,MISO and MOSI pins. I have a RESET switch which pulls the...
Thursday, 22 October 2009 - 12:03
NPN transistor back to basics question
All you analog Freaks, What is the surest/easiest bullet proof way of testing if an NPN/PNP works? I know you can measure the beta with a multimeter, but is there an easier way...
Monday, 19 October 2009 - 17:56