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tutorial on RTC
hi all, is there a tutorial on this forum for a real time clock on Atmega16? i tried to search but couldnt find it.. thanks
Saturday, 14 February 2009 - 17:49
UART on STK500 using USB
Hi all, i have a STK500 board with Atmega16 on it.. i just want to write a simple code to use the USART in the chip.. so far i have successfully programmed the chip from my laptop...
Friday, 13 February 2009 - 15:37
uint8_t question
hi all, i am new to AVR..what is uint8_t exactly? is it an unsigned 8 bit integer datatype? i have tried to search the forum but havent seen a complete answer. appreciate any help...
Sunday, 8 February 2009 - 15:51
hi guys, i want to build an application using the STK500 kit and any LCD display..any ideas how i can start? thanks
Saturday, 7 February 2009 - 19:27
timer 0 does not work
hi i am using an ATMEGA16 on STK500.. the code i have is as follows: #include #include #include SIGNAL ( SIG_OVERFLOW0 ) { PORTB = ~ PORTB; } int main(void) { TCCR0...
Thursday, 5 February 2009 - 13:04
Linux on AVR
Hi all, I am new to this forum.. I wanted to know if I can program my Atmega 16 AVR with a Linux OS..How can I do it? are there any links or info on this? Any help appreciated..
Monday, 2 February 2009 - 18:58