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ATmega168 external interrupts timings
Hi, I'm looking for the timings of INT0 ant INT1. I'd like to know the smallest pulse width that will be detected and will cause an interrupt. I've not been able to find this...
Friday, 4 June 2010 - 13:40
Writing a library that needs I/O lines
Hi, I'd like a little advice on the best way to write a library that handles an external device, like a special purpose IC. The issue is mainly that different boards will have...
Monday, 4 January 2010 - 01:12
[TUT] Using FUSE bits from C code
Being able to store all the information needed to program your AVR in single file, fuse bits included, is pretty convenient. The GCC toolchain supports declaring the fuse bits in...
Saturday, 20 December 2008 - 01:49
[Newbie] Using FUSE bits from C code
Hi, I'm just beginning to learn program on the ATTiny2313 and I need to set the fuses to use the internal 4MHz oscillator. I put the following in my C source file : #include...
Friday, 19 December 2008 - 01:30