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open drain output
"You can't do open-collector on the I/O pins. " I guess that my production apps that use the DDRx toggle as described above aren't really working in the field, then. :)) Lee
Wednesday, 25 February 2004 - 22:25
clock calculations
"The equation is given but I am looking for an explaination about why certain frequencies perform better than others." Because those frequencies give spot-on communications at...
Wednesday, 25 February 2004 - 22:14
The CANDIP already has a transceiver, and as the documentation says "The CAN tranceiver is a Philips 82C250 [family] and it is possible to use another tranceiver with the CANDIP...
Wednesday, 25 February 2004 - 17:14
AVR Development Kit Documentation
Attached is MCU100.PDF. Hope it helps, crhis. Lee
Wednesday, 25 February 2004 - 17:09
Re: ATmega128CAN11 It looks like a phantom to me, Dennis. No mention of the device on the Atmel Web site other than a reference in a JTAG flyer. The Advance Info is dated...
Wednesday, 25 February 2004 - 16:39
Start with the CANDIP modules from Lawicel ( or They have already packaged the solution you describe. Various levels of licensing are available,...
Wednesday, 25 February 2004 - 15:54
Color detection circuit help
And exactly >>why<< are you posting this query on an Atmel AVR Forum? Lee
Wednesday, 25 February 2004 - 15:49
How to read 44780 LCD busy flag?
You may want to check that your compiler is not optimizing away the function call in the do-nothing loop, since it does nothing. :) Lee
Tuesday, 24 February 2004 - 21:54
UART problem on STK500
Yes. See the table in the datasheet, or calculate the value yourself. The AVRCalc utility on this site is very helpful. Lee
Tuesday, 24 February 2004 - 15:53
UART problem on STK500
I suspect what Andreas says, as well. Another note: At 4MHz and 115K, there is a baud-rate error of 8.5%. This will NOT give good or reliable results. If you plan to use "...
Tuesday, 24 February 2004 - 15:38
AVR Development Kit Documentation
Search this very site (or use Google) for "STK100" and see if this is the correct kit. the User's Guide is available on this site. Lee
Tuesday, 24 February 2004 - 15:01
Application question....
"Is it possible to attach 2 SPI devices to one AVR microcontoller? " Yes. Here are a few thought I've posted:
Monday, 23 February 2004 - 19:21