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4433/2333 TQFP adapters for ICE200 and/or ICEPRO?
Does anyone know of a source for surface-mount adapters TQFP-type to help to connect 4433/2333 AVR's to ICE200 and/or ICEPRO? TIA. Lee
Friday, 15 June 2001 - 18:09
32x32 multiply; 32/16 divide
Has anyone extended the routines outlined in App Note 200 to 32 bit? In particular, I need 32x32 multiply (actually 32x16, and I know it won't overflow) and 32/16 divide. TIA, Lee
Friday, 8 June 2001 - 16:10
Best way to complement a bit?
As a relative newbie to AVR, I miss not having an instruction to complement a bit. The best I've seen to do a register bit: CLT SBRS Rn, m SET BLD Rn, m and for I/O space, add...
Monday, 9 April 2001 - 16:43