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Arrrh Timers
Can anybody help... I'm trying to write a timer routine in assembly using no interrupts. All I want is a minimal start timer and check timer expired routine. I'm tring to generate...
Tuesday, 20 August 2002 - 17:29
Has anybody written a tight compact xmodem component in assembly. I've written a bloated C version, which occupies near 1K. I'm trying to squeeze it into the a small(ish)...
Thursday, 15 August 2002 - 16:43
OT: ISP for AT89S53
We have some existing designs using AT89S53, and would like to do some ISP without removing the chip from the target. The reliable solution eludes us. AVRStudio 3.5x added...
Wednesday, 24 July 2002 - 23:08
AVR Mega8 boot loader
I’m trying to produce a bootloader for the Mega8 based on the ATMEL AVR109 app note. I’ve managed to obtain the correct response for the “return supported device code (‘t’)” from...
Wednesday, 3 July 2002 - 13:47
AVRPROG support for the MEGA8
Does the AVRPROG support the ATMEGA8 device ? If so what value should the MEGA8 bootloader return when the AVRPROG issues a "return supported device code ('t')".
Thursday, 27 June 2002 - 12:22
Definitions vs Variables???
Hi all, In AVR306 it has some code which goes #define RXC 7 #define TXC 6 etc.. Is this different from declaring and initializing variables like int RXC = 7; int TXC = 6; I...
Saturday, 30 March 2002 - 07:54
(newbie) PWM + UART ??
Hi all, I am playing with a motor speed controller at present . Can I use the UART to receive a byte to contol the 8 bit PWM. Will the reception of this byte and loading to...
Wednesday, 27 March 2002 - 02:00
Be wary, Visual Basic developers: S4 changes DLLs
When I was packaging my latest Visual Basic creation for release, I noticed that mscomctl.ocx now is presumed to live in the ...\Studio4\dll directory instead of where my "real"...
Monday, 25 March 2002 - 19:12
AVR242 in C
Hi, I am new to micros and have a 2313 and have a circuit with multiplexed 7 seg led displays similar to the one in app note 242. I was wondering if anyone has done this in C as...
Monday, 18 February 2002 - 06:05
4433 to Mega8
We have an existing design using 4433 that we would like to try with the Mega8. Will we be able to just drop in a Mega8 in place of the 4433 hardware/layout-wise, or are there...
Thursday, 25 October 2001 - 23:22
AVRASM32 Command Line Options
Hello to all and AARRGHH! I KNOW I have seen and used a document which laid out the command line options for AVRASM32, but I cannot find the information again. The Assembler Help...
Thursday, 11 October 2001 - 18:58
ICE200 and spurious watchdog timeouts
A design we are testing using ICE200 & 4433 is having a problem with repeated resets which we believe are due to watchdog restes, since "WDT Timed" flashes in one of the...
Friday, 6 July 2001 - 19:18