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Wireless Synchronisation
Hey Freaks, Not really an AVR problem...Has anyone got any ideas on how to send out a synchronising pulse from a 'master' micro to some other 'slave' micros wirelessly? The timing...
Tuesday, 20 July 2004 - 04:52
Hey Freaks, I'm looking into implementing a Devicenet Slave on an AVR. Does anyone have any experience in this? Im basically just after a few pointers to get me off in the right...
Wednesday, 16 June 2004 - 21:19
Very Weird
Hey Freaks, This problem is occuring on one particular prototype unit. So Im guessing its a hardware problem. The problem is that an instruction is being called during power up...
Wednesday, 14 January 2004 - 05:18
Problem with AVR ISP
Hey Freaks, My AVR ISP has all of a sudden started to operate in slow mode. It programs and verifys ok but it takes about 4 times as long as it used to. This is the 2nd AVR ISP...
Tuesday, 13 January 2004 - 02:15
Converting from ascii to int
Hey Freaks, Does anyone have a nice tidy (C) routine for converting an ascii number "0" to "1023" to an int...without using sprintf or any other library function. Thanks
Monday, 5 January 2004 - 02:42
Interrupt flag clearing
Hi Freaks, I want to clear the Interrupt0 flag INTFO. I tried GIFR |= BIT(INTF0); however this appeared to affect Interrupt2 as well. Probably clearing the INT2 flag???? GIFR =...
Tuesday, 4 November 2003 - 03:01
Pins Outputs in Power Down Mode
Hey Freaks, Can anyone confirm whether output pins stay set when the micro is put into power down mode? Specifically looking at tiny26. Thanks Dave
Friday, 24 October 2003 - 02:25