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PTC resettable fuse questions
Hi, I am trying to choose a good (as in proper values) PTC for my USB power supply project for micro-controller. I am looking to make a simple power supply for breadboarding...
Monday, 6 December 2010 - 20:14
Banging my head with AT90USB162 and Flip and AVRDude
Ok, I got my AT90USB162 recognized by Flip, but I have a couple problems: 1. I can't read any from Flip because of "Device protection is set" crappy thing keeps preventing me from...
Friday, 26 November 2010 - 06:07
Help! Why my AT90USB162 heats up when power is applied?
Hi, I have been trying to wire up the AT90USB162, but I have had no luck, because the AT90USB162 heats up when I apply power. Yes, I have searched the web and saw examples of...
Sunday, 21 November 2010 - 00:47
LDO precision--L78L33 voltage regulator to 3.3V
Hi, I am using the L78L33 (http://www.st.com/stonline/books... ) to produce a 3.3V output, wired up as shown in the attached image. My Vin = 5V basically from my computer's USB...
Monday, 15 November 2010 - 04:48
Bootloader and MCU clock speed
Hi, I have been looking and search bootloaders for AVR out there. And there are a number of them, e.g., https://www.avrfreaks.net/index.p... . I have also scanned through the...
Sunday, 7 November 2010 - 15:35
Possible to do I2C on the AT90USB162 micro-controller?
Hi, I don't see it has the SDA/SCL pins.
Thursday, 28 October 2010 - 23:49
Clarification on decoupling caps layout
Hi, I am doing a breakout board for an IC. I have one 0.1uF cap for each pair of VSS and VCC. However, I do have one question the way how the decoupling cap is laid out with the...
Thursday, 28 October 2010 - 06:29
Looking for fast (assembly ok) primitive graphic routines
Hi, I've made an LCD driver work with an LCD I have. I would like to know if there are free/open source AVR, ATMEGA8/168/328, fast (assembly is fine) graphics routines, e.g.,...
Monday, 18 October 2010 - 03:18
Decent delay with nanosecond granularity
Hi, The include file support _delay_ms() and _delay_us() calls but not _delay_ns() call, that is, delay a number of nanoseconds. How would I implement a delay_ns() using F_CPU,...
Sunday, 10 October 2010 - 00:14
What's so good about AT32UC3A's EBI (External Bus Interface)
Hi, Trying to decide to use AT32UC3A0512 (144-pin), which supports EBI, or AT32UC3A1512 (100-pin), which does not. Besides using EBI for SDRAM interface, anything else that EBI...
Monday, 27 September 2010 - 21:09
Basic question the LM317 adjustable voltage regulator
ok, I skimmed over the spec and see lots of LM317 calculators (like http://www.whatcircuits.com/lm31... ) on the net that have one resistor held constant (R2) and varies the Vout...
Friday, 24 September 2010 - 01:52
Does AVRDude support 32-bit AVR UC3 micro-controllers?
Hi, I have built the USBASP programmer. And it has been working well. With 32-bit AVR UC3 micro-controllers, I take the programmer should work for these 32-bit microcontroller...
Tuesday, 21 September 2010 - 07:33