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Help in interfacing ATmega32 with GSM modem
kumarprabhatn : According to your answers I assume that you don't know much about the RS232 interface. I'll try to explain that shortly. The RS232 UART is a voltage controlled...
Monday, 18 May 2009 - 06:41
Help in interfacing ATmega32 with GSM modem
But if you would just test the UART AVR -> PC you could eliminate one possible error - regardless if your LED blinks with 1sec. delay... The problem is not that big and it brings...
Friday, 15 May 2009 - 06:21
Any Experiences with STK600?
Well, the ZIF sockets are very, very expensive. Try to get one cheaper than $90... What about the olimex third party development boards? Would they help maybe?
Thursday, 14 May 2009 - 13:37
[TUT] [C] Newbie's Guide to AVR Timers
clawson: it was compressed with 7zip and included an Open Office as well as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. I reduced it to the Microsoft Excel Sheet since OO can handle both. Well...
Monday, 11 May 2009 - 08:57
[TUT] [C] Newbie's Guide to AVR Timers
I put the calculation into a spreadsheet - helps a lot. You can enter your desired frequency and the system clock and you get the countmode, togglemode and if you can use 8 or 16...
Friday, 8 May 2009 - 15:53
Need help to find out timebase ADC->UART ATMega64
Thank you for your replies! I worked on the program and re-wrote it a bit. I deleted the ring buffer part and followed clawsons advice to collect a few samples and put the sum to...
Thursday, 23 April 2009 - 08:25
Wave Audio Recorder with XMega128A1 and SD-Card
This project kicks butts... Awesome. And I like the details like the backlight control (LDR). You did a real great job here! So I assume the ADC of the Atmel wasn't sufficient?! ;)
Wednesday, 11 March 2009 - 14:13
ATMega128 with ADC and Timer:understanding problem
Finally I understand what the two of you mean. Gosh, sometimes "it" takes a little longer! :) Thank you for your help, I got some code to re-write now ;) Josef
Friday, 6 March 2009 - 15:59
ATMega128 with ADC and Timer:understanding problem
Lajon: Yes it fixed the problem, thank you! Next step will be to use volatile variables and take that stuff out of the ISR routine. Does anybody know, why the program in int main...
Friday, 6 March 2009 - 15:00
ATMega128 with ADC and Timer:understanding problem
Kartman wrote:Nicht putting ein code im das ISR! Sorry about the poor German! It is not wise to do your LCD stuff in the ADC isr - it takes too long, thus the AVR is always...
Friday, 6 March 2009 - 13:58
I assume that you use an Atmel AVR 910 derivate. To be able to use this you have to chose "Tools - AVR Prog" from the menu, don't use the built in program function. Another...
Friday, 6 March 2009 - 11:22
[TUT] [C] Newbie's Guide to AVR Timers
IC. Thank you very much for clearing things up! :)
Thursday, 5 March 2009 - 08:20