zero cost Logic Analyzer

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Allthough not an AVR project, I would like to make this available to the AVR Freaks, hoping it will be usefull for many of the forum users.
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lanaCOM is:

· Logic Analyzer
lanaCOM is a command line tool implementing a logic analyzer (a logic analyzer is an electronic instrument that displays signals in a digital circuit).

· VCD Output format
Any VCD waveform viewer can be used to view the results. LanaCOM generates its output file in VCD-format. This is a standard format which can be read with any VCD-waveform viewer. ‘GTKwave' is a pretty good and free VCD- waveform viewer.

· I2C, SPI and V24 Protocol Analyzer
vcdTrans is a postprocessing command line tool which takes lanaCOMs output file and allows for analyzing I2C, SPI and V24 protocols.

· Zero hardware cost
No additional hardware is required. The four flow-control and modem signals of the PC serial COM port, CTS, DCD, DSR and RI are used for probes the signals. According to RS232 specification signals from +/-25V can be applied with no additional buffering required.

· LanaCOM software is free
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify the software and this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later.

· 400 kilo samples per second
The sample rate depends on the actual PC speed. About 400 kSamples/s are common.

· Huge trace buffer space
The PC-DRAM is used to store the samples during acquisition. File output is created during a post-processing step. About 1MB of DRAM is required per sampling second. With a 1GB of DRAM on common PC hardware buffering of 500 seconds and more at max. resolution will not be a problem.

· Indication of potential inaccuracies
As lanaCOM runs in a multitasking OS environment, the sampling process might be interrupted due to higher priority OS tasks. LanaCOM indicates whenever the sampling process is interrupted - this includes any hardware related interrupts like DRAM refreshes etc.

· Trigger counter
A virtual signal counts the number of trigger conditions to support orientation within a huge trace buffer.