Telephone Keypad

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Most of the students won't be having all the hardware required for thier experiment. if it is an organisation, then they will be having Hardware Person, Coding Person, Integration Person, Team Leader to guide when ever they make mistakes, but as a student it is not mandatory for a student to have all these qualifications. Some will be good in programming and the other in hardware. so the people without hardware knowledge they can't proceed with their experiment without hardware.

Here i am trying to make student visualize what exactly will be happened when they intract with hardware which the don't have/don't know to build it.

In this programme they don't have to constuct a Matrix keypad or LCD tovisualize the Matrix Telephone keypad program. they just want a AtmelMega8515 IC with provition to download the HEX file into it. Along withthat they must have a simple USART provition.

Download the code and read the comments to feel the Software provition of AVR.