SX-Forth Interpreter for the AVR Butterfly ... but not only

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WHAT is SX-Forth ?
- a C Language Developmemt Environment that use Forth for Interactive Debugging, Extensibility, Embedding Scripting Language, define Application Specific Language and User Interface
- Forth Interpreter with Builtin Forth and C Functions WORDs Dictionary
- Extensible Dictionary, User Definable at Compile Time
- Simple System eXecutive OS, Interrupts Driven / Preemptable
WHY use it ?
- Small (6.8KB Flash, 0.5KB Ram)
- Embeddable for Testing and Scripting
- Unified Model for Interactive Hardware and Firmware Developmemnt
- Simple System eXecutive for Small Microcontroller
WHO can use it ?
- Hardware and Firmvare Developers
- Application and Script Developer
WHEN use it ?
- Iteractivity, Simplicity, Extensibility are MUST
- for a Ground-UP on Hardware and Firmware New System
- Proactive Firmware Writing is a Preferred Development Methodology
WHERE is applicable ?
- BIOS Deployement of New Systems
- BOOT Firmware, Interactive Testing and Scripting
- Make Application Specific LANGUAGE for User Interface
- ... say your's suggestions on the Review, directly to me or on the AVR GCC Forum

*** See also the following thread on 'who use FORTH ?' on AVR Forum :