Sony CD/MD changer interface

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*** 2005-02-04 ***
New Interface firmware v2.05

*** Description ***
This project is an interface or emulator for an Sony CD or MD changer. You can connect the interface to your car radio, and the external audio input is enabled. Also it is possible to update the radio display with time, disc number and track number informations via RS232 commands. An update for disc and track name is also possible. Support for disc and track name length up to 48 chars. Also change of play modes, inclusive display text.

Hardware is an AT90S8515, ATmega8515 or ATmega8 at 7,3728MHz with some external components for signal converting and an MAX3232 RS232 converter chip.

Interface schematic is included.

For more informations about the interface and Sony's Unilink protocol visit my page: