Sanity Nullifier for 1st april

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The Sanity nullifier

The purpose of this device is a bit evil. Oh well, sue me. I made it as a yoke for the first of april and many more days to come.

A brief description:

The device beeps a short beep of a very annoying frequency in random times. The time between beeps is anywhere within half an hour to nine hours.

The subject of your devious device has a flat/house. Put the beeper inside the house, and when the first beep occurs, your victim will just wonder about that what was it. When it occurs again and again he will try to locate the source. After checking all cellphones, smokealarms, battery powered devices in general he will be clueless as to what is causing this. The beeping will be a mystery as long as the battery lives. Or it will drive him nuts.

1. Activate the device
2. Hide the device
3. Don't stay around to watch the fun.

It beeps in random. Where the time between beeps can be anything from 30minutes, to 9hours and 30minutes.

For fuse settings, please refer to the homepage of the project: