ROV Control Unit

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Atmega16 based control unit for robot. Designed for underwater robot can be used for any remotely operated (RS485) or autonomous vehicle.
Full description and software examples available.

Main features:
1. Atmel Atmega16 or Atmega32 microcontroller
2. 1×RS485 for communication with surface
3. 2×RS232 to control devices with serial interface, for example Roboteq motor controllers.
4. 5×I2C header to connect any I2C device like CMPS03 digital compass, temperature sensors or BLDC controllers.
5. 3×multi purpose header to be used as:
- ADC input for sensors with voltage output, or
- ADC input for sensors with current output like pressure sensor, or
- digital input, or
- digital output, or
- servo controller
6. 1-Wire bus
7. LANC or IR interface to control camera
8. 2×leak sensor
9. ISP header to program microcontroller
10. 15 pin header to connect relays
11. Power voltage sensor
12. JTAG support