LCD Graphics Primitives Library

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* Updated Jun. 25: added 'display on' code, minor fixes *
* Updated Jul. 13: character print routines will overwrite 'old' information corrrectly in 'set' mode

This library is an enhanced re-arrangement and somewhat 'generalized' compilation of modules I've written over the past two years for our designs, following Mr. Kalle's "Nokia 7110 LCD graphics library V2" example.

Currently included is a device driver for the SED136x/15xx family (w. parallel interface). Other compatible controllers are e.g. HD61202/KS0107 (8 page organization), KS0713 etc.

Functions currently included are:
- Line (with clear/set/invert)
- Rectangle (outline/filled w. clear/set/invert)
- Circle (outline/filled w. clear/set/invert)
- Ellipse (outline/filled w. clear/set/invert)
- Polygon/Area Seed Fill(s) (pixel set only)
- Bitmap (Icon/Picture w. clear/set/invert)
- Single Pixel R/W (w. clear/set/invert)
- Single Character (w. clear/set/invert)
- ASCIIZ String (w. clear/set/invert)
- Print BCD as ASCII (w. clear/set/invert)
- Print HEX as ASCII (w. clear/set/invert)
- Clear/Fill/Invert Screen
- Write Frame Buffer to Display (device driver for 2xSED1520, 120x32 pix)
- Three fonts (8x8 bold, 8x8 thin, 5x6 small, full IBM extended character set (code page 437)