GSM Control System (FreeRTOS)

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G.S.A. (GSM System Automation) is a control system that allows you to manage your domestic appliances by means of gsm-communication.

You can program GSA simply by send a SMS.

It can become:
- A day/weekly thermoregulator
- An alarm system with a list of numbers to call
- A gate opener with a simple call
- A manager of two bistable or pulse outputs with a simple call

Operative System is based on FreeRTOS V7.2.0

For developer project is made in AVRSTUDIO 6.0

GSA can communicate with AVRSUTUDIO with JTAG connector and avrONE or any other debugger supperted

Technical specifications:
- power supply 220 V AC
- 4 isolated relay outputs
- 4 optic isolated inputs 12\220V, expandable
- 2 analog inputs for temperature sensors