general peripheral drivers

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Here are some drivers i wrote some time ago.
Since then i got in to rc flying turbine jets and got married so...
Current version is 6.11. Included are drivers for LCD (updated),
Keyboard, I2C (updated), One wire (updated), software uart, rc decoder SRF08 etc.
I have updated and fixed most code so it is now compatible with the newer winavr versions 20070525 and with gcc 4.20 20070317, binutils 2.17 and libc 1.45 I am not a gcc guru so please forgive my mistakes.
Feel free to use and modify them as you wish.
I have included a copy of the previous generation pack (version 501)
so you can have a look there also. Version 501 is very well tested but with older
gcc (winavr) versions.