First C Project

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Hello fellow AVR-freakers,

This was my self-learning exercise to get familiar with using the WinAVR compiler with AVR Studio. Prior to this I had only written assembly for these micros. I have a fair amount of experience in writing in C and Visual Basic for MS Windows and writing C for embedded applications, but only as part of a team (i.e. I've never had to write an entire suite of source and header files and compile them into one executable for a micro). With getting familiar with makefiles and compiler options/settings, I am gaining some confidence in writing embedded code in C. Anyway, I hope this helps some other C-newbie get their feet off the ground.

This project utilizes the following:
(1) STK500 demo board
(2) 10-pin jumpers
(1) AT90S8515 (sorry no ATmega8, this is what I had laying around)
(1) Bank of 8 LEDs on the demo board
(1) Bank of 8 pushbutton switches on the demo board