Eversmith - AVRSMS

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Eversmith (AVRSMS) Version 0.56a

Firmware for ATmegas to send and receive short messages (SMS) in a GSM Network with a GSM Mobile Phone/Cell Phone/Handy connected to the AVRs serial port. The firmware is completely written in AVR-Assembler Code. (You may call it: YAAS - Yet Another AVR SMS Software)

* Sends and receives Short Message in SMS PDU-Format. PDU creation and decoding is done on the fly (from UART to Memory), so only one memory area is needed that can be shared.
* Switches output pins on receive of SMS
* Send system status via SMS on demand
* Sends SMS if input pins where enabled
* Menu-based configuration via Terminal-Software
* Configuration values are kept in EEPROM storage
* Debouncing of input keys
* Buffered UART

For more details see manual.pdf that comes with the project-archive.