The concealed codelock

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The Concealed codelock (CC for short) is a design of mine, which can be used in a similar fashion as a safe lock, such as that on the picture above.

The rotation sensor used here is just a simple 10k potentiometer. The concealability in this is that you can use a double potentiometer. One part of the potentiometer will be used for the lock and the other one for something else, such as a amplifier, or any other normal home apliance that has a potentiometer for something.
The combination to open the lock consists of a sequence like ABCDCBCB. This combination means you'd need to first set the dial to B, then C, B, C, D, C, B and finally A. After this the LEDs will begin to blink and the relay will switch itself on.

The more complete version of this can be found on (including nice pictures and a sort of manual).

The schematic is in the zip file included.