AVRStudio4 plugin gdb-target

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This is a plugin for gdb-targets for AVRStudio4. It works as follows:
- AVRStudio4: open project (eg an ATTiny25 project)
- AVRStudio4: Debug / Select Platform and Device : myCompany.myPlugin / ATTiny25
- simavr: ./run_avr -g -m attiny25 -f 8000000
- AVRStudio4: compile/assemble the project
- AVRStudio4: run the project
- AVRStudio4: enter ip and port of the gdb-server (eg localhost:1234)
- AVRStudio4: debug the project...

AVRStudio4 will connect to the simavr-gdb-server via this gdb-target-plugin.

Following commands work:
- run
- break
- stop
- reset
- set/remove breakpoint
- single step (everything else is mapped to single step)

You need to download the bin-package and execute the AVRSTUDIO_REGISTER.CMD to register the plugin with AVRStudio4. Before deleting the files, you should UNREGISTER.CMD the files.

It comes with the sources.
Thread about simavr is here:
simavr git repo is here:

Discussion is here:

2010.10.20: initial release v1