ATtiny24/44/84 STK500 Adapter

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This is a small circuit board adapter to allow the STK500 to program the ATtiny24/44/84 14-SOIC package uController. It fits in the SCKT3000D3 socket on the STK500 and allows access to PORTA and PORTB headers as well as ISP and High Voltage programming.

There are three jumpers to allow the dual function PORTB pins to act as general I/O pins or operate as RESET, XTAL1, and XTAL2. You can follow the instruction in the STK505 user guide to use this board to perform High Voltage programming of the ATtiny24/44/84 chips, or connect the ISP6PIN header to the adapter board to perform ISP programming of the chip.

Zip includes photos of the board, readme.txt file with build hints, and the complete Eagle PCBCad project.

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