3ch LED DMX Dimmer

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This is my second DMX project. Since the last one LEDs have become super Cheap on ebay, I've been buying them in quantities of 1000. They are real COOL.

so this Project uses 3 BCD switches that are placed in hte edge of the PCB. I settled on OTAX brand switches.
The PCB is optimised to keep the tracks as short as possible and also the number of link to a minimum. This has ramification of the code, but hey that's why it is called software.
Timer 1 is used for the PWM modulation.
There is NO optimisation to linearize LED brightness. - May be later.

I had fun doing this one.
Currently I control 168 LED lights I biult into 500W Porta Flood fitting. (That idea came from BigClive's website)

As always enjoy and use as you see fit. Any constructive comments welcome.